Why hasn’t an idea been marketed to me?

Whenever I add a new entry to my ideas spreadsheet, one of the first questions that comes to my mind is “Why hasn’t the idea already been marketed to me?” Most ideas aren’t original, and with Google it typically takes about two minutes to find 10 other companies already doing it. So, if it’s a decent idea, and the market needs it, why haven’t I heard about it?

Here are some thoughts on why an idea might not have been marketed to you yet:

  • Vertical Rollout – Certain verticals have greater need and they haven’t gotten to your market yet
  • Job Title – Similar to verticals, there’s a good chance select job titles are preferred and receive more attention
  • Early Adopters – Market penetration could be light such that only early adopters actively seeking a solution encounter the marketing campaigns

If the idea is sound, and you’re the target, startups will find a way to get you the message. The next time you come up with a new business idea, ask the marketing question.

What else? What are some other thoughts on why an idea hasn’t been marketed to you yet?

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