Excitement of Kicking Off a New Project

As an entrepreneur, one of the most exciting things to do is to kick off a new project. Now, many entrepreneurs aren’t the best at finishing all projects (looking at myself, guilty as charged), but starting new initiatives comes naturally. One important entrepreneurial trait is being able to see and appreciate what will be achieved in the future, even when others around you have a hard time seeing the potential.

Here are a few thoughts on kicking off a new project:

  • New projects often involve other people, so it’s critical to be able to inspire others around you (sometimes it isn’t inspiration but just wearing them down so much that they’re ready to give it a try)
  • Details do matter and someone has to manage them (it takes all types of people to succeed)
  • Bring in the experts with complementary strengths (going alone is terribly difficult)
  • Continue to talk about the potential and remind everyone what’s on the horizon

Kicking off a new project is exciting for entrepreneurs due to the internal spirit and energy for trying new things. Take the passion and channel it to the necessary team members to see things through to completion.

What else? What are some other thoughts on entrepreneurs and new projects?

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