Culture Drives How You Feel

Tonight we had a Technology Executive Roundtable event in the new Atlanta Tech Village conference center. Tom Noonan, one of the panelists, made several excellent remarks (as well as memorable ones — ask about the purple shoe). One of his comments really stood out to me: corporate culture drives how you feel.

Think about the following:

  • Culture drives how employees feel about the business
  • Culture drives how customers feel about the business
  • Culture drives how partners feel about the business

Culture is representative of the values and social contracts within the company. Ultimately, culture is about people, and people drive how you feel. As much as business is about numbers and metrics, it’s also about experiences and emotions. The next time you interact with a company, ask yourself how the company’s culture affected how you feel about the business.

What else? What are some other thoughts on culture and how it drives how you feel?

2 thoughts on “Culture Drives How You Feel

  1. I also think you could take it one next step. By driving how people feel, you also drive how they perform. I think it’s an important relationship to make to highlight the importance of culture.

    It is not a vague “feel-goodism” — but a direct input into performance of the business.

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