Think Big, Start Small

Entrepreneurs are dreamers. So many ideas and so much potential. Only, coming up with an amazing vision doesn’t translate into results. Entrepreneurs need to think big but start small.

Here are a few thoughts on starting small:

Entrepreneurs need to think big and start small.

What else? What are some other ideas around starting small?

4 thoughts on “Think Big, Start Small

  1. Spend 50% of your time planning and 50% doing! The best approach is creating a simple 5 point action plan for each week, one key action each day.

  2. Totally agree with this. Another way i like to think about this is that when you start your company, try to be able to complete this statement, “My company will be the very best in the world at _____” You have to start small to accomplish this at the beginning. But if you do, you’re off to a good start.

    1. I completely agree with this idea. I’ve seen many people lose site of their core business and others who never quite knew what it was. As a real estate agent and social media marketer (new to me) I try to ask myself this same question all of the time.

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