I Love Business Software

When people think of cool tech companies, firms like Google and Facebook come to mind. You know, consumer-facing tech companies. Personally, I love business software. Business software isn’t glamorous but it’s still great. How cool is it that you solve problems for people and companies pay you?

Here are a few reasons why business software is so great:

  • Companies pay good money to solve problems and increase productivity
  • Users provide direct feedback and suggestions for improvement (see Get Satisfaction)
  • There’s an endless supply of new software needed
  • New customers have little incremental cost (provides for great economies of scale and gross margins)
  • Successful B2B startups follow a clear four stage path

After being in the business software world for 14 years, I can honestly say I love it. I enjoy building software, helping other people, and growing companies.

What else? What are some other reasons why business software is so great?

4 thoughts on “I Love Business Software

  1. Enterprise software is one of those industries that is not sexy but can be very profitable. I hope to find more opportunities and ventures that I can start in this space.

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