The Power of Commitment

At last Monday’s Atlanta Rotary meeting, one of the Rotarians was honored with a remarkable feat: he hadn’t missed a weekly meeting since 1962. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly 50 years at 40 meetings per year (no meetings during national holidays) for a total of 2,000 consecutive Monday lunches. That’s an unbelievable level of commitment and consistency.

Imagine picking something you care about — like running — and commit to do it every day for a week. Then commit to do it for a month. Then commit to do it for a quarter. The next thing you know you’ll be like this club of runners that has run every single day for over 40 years. That’s commitment.

Once committed, there’s a sense of confidence that you know you’re going to do it. Whether a big project, or a small one, one of the best ways to ensure the commitment is to share the commitment with friends and have them help hold you accountable. Friends want to see other friends succeed.

Commitments are powerful. Tap into that power and achieve greatness.

What else? What are some other thoughts on the power of commitment?

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