Wins Come in Clumps

One of the strange phenomenons I’ve seen, and have a hard time explaining, is that big wins often come in clumps. Big wins like closing new customers, securing new hires, and signing new partners. Things go quiet for a few weeks and then boom, five new customers sign on the exact same day. It’s the most dumbfounding thing.

Here are a few thoughts as to why wins come in clumps:

  • Calendar timing and the associated sense of urgency spurs people to action (e.g. end of the month, end of the quarter, end of the fiscal year, etc.)
  • Momentum comes in a variety of forms and can really help push things through (e.g. a new product release, pricing changes, messaging tweaks, etc.)
  • People’s tone, mood, and morale really come through subconsciously and affect the negotiation (It sounds fuzzy but intangibles are more important than many people realize)

No matter how much effort and strategy is put into it, I still find that wins come in clumps. It’s a normal part of the startup world and the process of growing a company.

What else? What are some other thoughts as to why wins come in clumps?

5 thoughts on “Wins Come in Clumps

    1. Agree totally…it’s all about the direction of the energy at that time! So if it is pouring down, time to grab that negative energy and turn it into an opportunity!

  1. I think confidence helps drive clumping. As teams see one deal close they realize its possible and also have an immediate case study to share with the next prospect. New blood coming in through hires can also motivate the current team that the company is moving in the right direction – further boosting their confidence when talking with the next client or employee prospect.

    As noted by Matthew, unfortunately the opposite force of nature can be deadly (snowball, downward spiral, etc).

    1. I love the feeling when you have worked really hard on something and you have closed a big deal here and there (and it may have taken a few years too), then you just get this feeling that something is in the air, like an odd email here, a telephone conversation there, something in the newspaper over there, then bam! another deal closed without even doing anything….then ….bam-bam… a few more….very nice feeling…

  2. To me the clumping of “wins”, or evidence of forward movement, comes from perseverance. Here is a relevant quote by HENRY DAVID THOREAU (1817-1862) who wrote the treatise “ON CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE” (1849) that has inspired millions worldwide, including & especially these two globally-respected peacemakers – Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. King:

    “I have learned this by experiment:
    if one advances confidently
    in the direction of his dreams,
    and endeavors to live the life
    which he has imagined;
    he will meet with a success
    unexpected in common hours.”

    David, on a very related note is this similar quote by Joseph Campbell (1904-1987) who authored ‎’The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ and ‘‎The Power of Myth.’ His life, legacy and this following quote are major inspirations to me.

    “When you follow your bliss…
    doors will open where you would not
    have thought there would be doors,
    and where there wouldn’t
    be a door for anyone else.”

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