Meet 10 New People Per Week

As I sat down at today’s weekly Startup Chowdown, another Villager promptly introduced herself. We got to talking and she shared her story of wanting to join a startup and the process that lead to her new job. After the conversation, I started thinking about the benefit of meeting new people on a regular basis and how even with all this great technology, knowing a variety of people is still incredibly important. In fact, entrepreneurs would do well to make an effort to meet 10 new people per week, especially in the early years of a new startup.

Here are a few thoughts on meeting 10 new people per week:

  • Figure out the events you already attend on regular basis and how many people you normally meet there (e.g. two events per month, like the Atlanta Startup Village, and seven new contacts per time)
  • Attend at least one new event every month and continue to grow the circles of connections
  • Decide on an area of expertise where you’d like to improve your network (e.g. sales people, software engineers, etc) and ask friends for introductions
  • Use LinkedIn to track how many new connections you earn for a given week or month

Meeting 10 new people per week will add tremendous value and should be on the short-list of things for entrepreneurs to do.

What else? What are some other thoughts on meeting 10 new people per week?

2 thoughts on “Meet 10 New People Per Week

  1. The best way to network is to 1 – arrive early to events to best network, 2 – get involved with industry org (got to give to get), and 3 – try to have one meeting per day, either over breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks. If you do this, you will get results!

  2. David, Thanks for sharing. This is great feedback. One additional tidbit I’ll add is this, create a followup system to stay in touch with these new relationships. Over the course of the year, this is 520 new people we have met and historically for me, abandoning these connections by neglect is a lost opportunity…

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