Work/Life Blend

On this beautiful Christmas day it’s a great time to reflect on work/life blend. While the phrase work/life balance is more common, I think work/life blend is more appropriate. The days of only doing “work” at the office and “life” outside the office have been over for many years, especially as an entrepreneur. Things like this blog are more “life” for me and less “work” as I believe it’s a great way to capture thoughts and help other entrepreneurs minimize common mistakes and grow faster.

As for me, I achieve my version of work/life blend by defining a rhythm and sticking to it. Here’s the rhythm I’ve been followed for a few years now:

  • Weekly
    – Friday date night
    – Weekend kids adventure
    – No more than one business breakfast event and one evening event
  • Quarterly
    – Family vacation out of town for one week
    – No more than five days of business travel
  • Annual
    – Getaway without the kids
    – Review the family rhythm and priorities

I highly recommend coming up with a work/life blend plan, implementing it, and adjusting it as needed. This simple framework has been beneficial to me.

What else? What are some other thoughts on work/life blend?

10 thoughts on “Work/Life Blend

  1. Treat your life as an artist of entrepreneurship and realize that break through moments don’t occur behind a screen or in a chair. Break away from work and technology to fully realize your potential. Don’t be a victim of routines. Happy holiday cheers!

  2. My wife, Ashley, and I just read this post together. Feeling like a giant tool right now…

    Just kidding. This is certainly where the weight of your legacy lies. Thank you for such a great example of how to get it right.

  3. Many would benefit from such a cadence David,

    Perhaps you have posted this already in the past . . but I believe you made a goal to post everyday for an entire year . . . I think you have so far in 2014 . . will be interesting to see if you keep that up in 2015.

    Only the very best to you and your family as we close-out 2014 and enter into what 2015 has in store,


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