Power of Growing Recurring Revenue Sooner

As part of the idea of Always Hiring Sales Reps, it’s important to understand the power of growing recurring revenue sooner. Say there’s a debate between hiring two sales now or six months from now. Assuming the sales reps are hired now, how does that affect recurring revenue over the next four years? Let’s take a look:

  • Assume both reps are successful, 90 days to ramp up, annual quota is $500,000 of new annual recurring revenue, and churn is 10% per year
  • Time between hiring the reps now and six months from now, plus 90 day ramp, makes the first newly generated deals coming in either day 91 or day 271.
  • Annual recurring revenue increase from the six month difference:
    – Year 1: $250,000
    – Year 2: $225,000
    – Year 3: $202,500
    – Year 4: $182,250
    – Total non-recurring revenue: $859,750

Hiring two more sales reps now, as opposed to six months from now, adds almost a quarter million dollars in new annual recurring revenue in the first year and over $180,000 in annual recurring revenue by the end of the fourth year (it’s the gift that keeps on giving). The moral of the story is to hire as many sales reps as possible assuming the standard SaaS metrics look good.

What else? What are some other thoughts on the power of growing recurring revenue sooner?

2 thoughts on “Power of Growing Recurring Revenue Sooner

  1. Question. What type of new hire did you find the most successful? eg:,new college grad, experience, base requirements and last question, what compensation package description for sales team keeps them motivated and goal oriented?

  2. As an entrepreneur, it took me a great while to understand the value in (good) sales people. I had bad experiences that soiled my trust, but when we had good ones, they were critical to the company’s success and growth. Good advice.

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