360 Degree Review Improvement Question for Job Interviews

Continuing with last week’s post The ‘Why’ Around Job Changes in Interviews, another interview question I like is “What’s the most common area for improvement you hear in 360 degree reviews?” Yes, this is a variation on the standard question “What’s your greatest weakness” or “Where do you need to improve”, but it’s much more applicable in that it’s specifically referencing what another person has said about the candidate. It’s outside-in and more applicable than the standard introspective responses (e.g. my weakness is that I work too hard).

Here are a few thoughts on asking a job candidate about 360 degree review improvement feedback:

  • Candidates shouldn’t sugar-coat their 360 feedback and should present it in a thoughtful, non-defensive manner
  • Context of the feedback is important, so the manager or direct report that provided the feedback should be included
  • How feedback has changed over time is also of note as different stages of a career result in different areas of improvement

Asking candidates about their 360 degree review improvement feedback is an important question during job interviews. Finding out why candidates made the career decisions they did, and what their co-workers identified as areas of improvement, are critical in assessing the individual.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the 360 degree review improvement question for job interviews?

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