9 Entrepreneurial Team Member Traits

Sam Wheeler of PayRight Health Solutions posted a great comment yesterday about traits he finds in entrepreneurial team members at thriving startups. After seeing the list, I readily agree.

Here are his nine entrepreneurial traits of successful team members:

  1. Flourish with ambiguity.
  2. Love constant change.
  3. Feel as if they are on a mission.
  4. Comfortable being misunderstood.
  5. Can make decisions and move quickly.
  6. Willing to discard prior beliefs when proven wrong.
  7. Always try to hire smarter and better employees.
  8. Don’t give up, but know when to move on.
  9. Think of themselves as builders.

The next time you’re recruiting a candidate, or thinking through your core values, reference this solid list.

What else? What are some other entrepreneurial team member traits you like?

2 thoughts on “9 Entrepreneurial Team Member Traits

  1. Much Thx. Look forward to meeting in person soon.

    Love what u r doing for atl

    Sam W.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Love this list, thanks for sharing.
    How about:

    10. Can change pivot easily
    11. Has a vision for the future and thinks of new ways to get there
    12. Accepts all ideas as possibilities
    13. Comfortable being uncomfortable
    14. Takes pride in creating new things
    15. Dedicated to the process

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