Startup Review: Terminus

Terminus, a new account-based marketing startup, launched last year at the Atlanta Tech Village (disclosure: I’m an investor). With so much marketing focus on individual lead generation and nurturing (e.g. the great functionality that Pardot provides), a big gap emerged around marketing and advertising to all the potential stakeholders at a company. Enter account-based marketing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Existing leads and contacts from the CRM or marketing automation system are imported in based on rules (e.g. take all the leads/contacts with an active opportunity in the pipeline)
  • Based on job titles, additional contacts are retrieved from the targeted companies through different data sources (e.g. NetProspex and others)
  • Similar to retargeting, ads based on rules are shown on mainstream sites to everyone identified in the account (e.g. show specific ads based on where they are in the sales cycle)
  • Ad click throughs and conversions are tracked to show return on investment

Companies with a complex sales process, especially for mid-to-high dollar ticket items, are great candidates to use Terminus as they work leads through the sales funnel. If you know anyone interested in increasing their close rate and shortening their sales cycle, have them take a look at Terminus.

What else? What are some other thoughts on Terminus and account-based marketing?

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