Opportunistic Hiring

One of the most important responsibilities for an entrepreneur is recruiting great people. Only, most entrepreneurs exclusively focus on recruiting people for open positions (e.g. ones that have a job listing on the site). Instead, entrepreneurs would do well about being more proactive with opportunistic hires. Yes, financial considerations are incredibly important, but so is getting the best people possible, even if the order of hiring differs from the current plan.

Here are a few thoughts on opportunistic hiring:

  • Let team members know that the company is open to opportunistic hiring (most people don’t even consider it yet referrals from employees are often the best candidates)
  • Hold the potential opportunistic hires to an even higher standard, and ensure that they’re great culture fits
  • Evaluate how bringing on an opportunistic hire now affects the hiring plan and communicate how it would change things to team members
  • If the timing doesn’t work, let the candidate know and work hard to maintain a good relationship in the event of a future opportunity

Opportunistic hiring is the most challenging in the seed and early stages. As the company grows, and there are more resources, opportunistic hiring becomes easier and more commonplace. Regardless, entrepreneurs would do well to be proactive about opportunistic hiring.

What else? What are some more thoughts on opportunistic hiring?

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