Marketing Roadshows

Last year I was talking to an entrepreneur that was in town doing a marketing roadshow luncheon at a nearby restaurant. This was his fifth stop on a tour of 10 cities with a goal of 25 prospects per city. After asking him about the roadshow, he said it was one of the most effective marketing programs they do and that it really made sense for his audience.

Here are a few thoughts on marketing roadshows:

  • An in-person event is a great way to see a number of prospects at the same time and get more economies of scale compared to one-off meetings
  • Events are an excellent reason for sales reps to call prospects, or potential prospects, and invite them to learn about a relevant topic (the best form of marketing is education)
  • Existing customers, especially evangelists, are perfect to invite as well since it provides for more face time to build rapport and a chance for them to share their testimony with potential customers
  • Many products are sold completely over the internet now, meaning there’s no face-to-face aspect, making in-person events that much more powerful for team members to hear customer challenges directly
  • Customer economics like average deal size and lifetime value of the customer are important considerations when determining if a marketing roadshow makes financial sense (e.g. $50/person times 40 people equals $2,000 for the restaurant plus any travel and expenses)

Once product/market fit is in place along with a repeatable customer acquisition model, a marketing roadshow is a worthy initiative for many tech companies.

What else? What are some more thoughts on marketing roadshows?

2 thoughts on “Marketing Roadshows

  1. What were they selling. I think they are great if you can attract the right audience and therecus interest from the target. In the early stages it can be difficult to pull this off as it requires a lot of financial investment, planning and if the right people don’t show up other than for food and drinks, or no one of value shows at all it can be a bust. I would hesitate to do this if the product, event and investment in something interesting can’t stand above the noise.

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