Generating Ideas for Blog Posts

One of the most common questions about writing a daily blog is “how do you come up with new post ideas every day?” I’ll admit it — the first first 30 days were really hard. After that, my mind started paying more attention to interesting topics and ideas as they appeared, and it became second nature to put blog post ideas down in my iPhone. Now, I have a list of ideas that are constantly refined based on what I think does or doesn’t make sense.

After reflecting on it, here are some of the most frequent ways I get ideas:

  • Conversations – Talking to other entrepreneurs and just asking the questions “What did you learn about XYZ?” and “What’s something new you’ve implemented lately?” are some of my favorite questions, and they provide great content.
  • Reflecting on the Past – One exercise I do to generate ideas is to think about people I’ve worked with in the past, and reflect on the most prominent memories and lessons learned. Of course, I try to keep their stories anonymous.
  • Current Events – Analysis of news reports and upcoming programs, like that Atlanta Startup Village, are great, fresh content sources.
  • S-1 IPO Filings – S-1s are some of the most dense documents out there, but they are also chock-full of interesting information that isn’t normally available.

Starting a daily blog is difficult. But, like anything, after doing it for awhile it becomes easier and easier, including generating ideas.

What else? What are some more ways to generate blog post ideas?

4 thoughts on “Generating Ideas for Blog Posts

  1. My brainstorming sessions usually find place while I brush teeth in the mornings and the initial idea is then drafted on paper before work. Sometimes it stays as a draft for a couple of days, on other days it is published well ahead of my workday. How the ideas are generated? Usually as a result of a learning experience or frustration!

  2. What you said is right. To get the ideas , I followed the same approach. Whenever I met with friends/colleagues I use to ask the questions what you quoted here. That helped me to get the topics to write on my blog.

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