The Most Important Equation to Understand the Current Tech Boom

Benedict Evans has a great post up titled Forget about the mobile internet where he argues that mobile is the real internet and the desktop is limited. In the article, he has a slide that outlines a simple equation that best represents why we’re in a tech boom:

Here’s the formula from the slide spelled out:

  • 2-3x more smartphones than PCs by 2020
    Taken everywhere
    Frictionless access
    Sensors, cameras
    Social platform
    Much easier to use
    Vastly bigger opportunities

Simply put, more people than ever before have super computers in their pocket with tremendous functionality and ease of use. Incredibly large markets with new functionality result in huge opportunities, and we have a tech boom as a result.

What else? What are some more thoughts on this important equation to understand the current tech boom?

One thought on “The Most Important Equation to Understand the Current Tech Boom

  1. The wave is cresting and preparing for 3.0 artificial intelligence, 3d vs 2d VR, drones, driverless everything, etc and 2.0 will clear the way except for those making money or supported by public money or combo deals. Be prepared tech for this and conserve cash now. My prediction is mid to late 2016 timing for the curl to feel the gravitation pull.

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