The Huddle Checklist

Continuing with yesterday’s post on The Great Game of Business for Startups, the author has an excellent Huddle Checklist on his site. While a few of the items are dependent on the type of culture and work environment (e.g. a focus on leaving fired-up isn’t common), most are broadly applicable.

Here’s the Huddle Checklist:

  • Meetings are frequent and on time.
  • Communication revolves around The Critical Number, the numbers that drive the business, and the stories behind the numbers.
  • Communication is fast-paced and to the point.
  • Communication is forward-focused — highlighting risks and opportunities.
  • People arrive prepared.
  • People openly and candidly share both wins and losses.
  • People freely commit to helping each other succeed.
  • Learning is emphasized.
  • Questions are encouraged, complaints are discourages, and assumptions are challenged.
  • Contributions and successes are recognized and celebrated.
  • There is clear accountability and follow-through.
  • People leave with a clear line-of-sight between what they do every day and the financial outcomes of the business.
  • Please leave focused on, informed about, and feeling included in the business.
  • People leave committed to an action item that will improve the score.
  • Please leave fired-up and energized.

Every entrepreneur would do well to ensure that most of these checklist items take place during internal meetings.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the Huddle Checklist?

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