Great Variation to Common Questions

Yesterday, I was talking with an entrepreneur at lunch. Right at the beginning of the conversation he said, “What’s the most interesting project you’re working on now?” Then, this morning, a different entrepreneur asked, “What’s the most interesting new startup in the Atlanta Tech Village?” Thinking back on these interactions, it’s clear that adding “most interesting” is a great variation to the common question “what’s going on.”

There are a number of common questions where adding “most interesting” makes it better:

  • When using the CEO Tools and walking the four corners, ask a question like “What’s the most interesting project you worked on last week?”
  • When doing the weekly one-on-ones, ask “What’s the most interesting thing you learned last week?”
  • When talking to entrepreneurs, ask “What’s your most interesting challenge right now?”

The next time you use one of your go-to questions, add “most interesting” to it and see what happens.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the “most interesting” variation to common questions?

2 thoughts on “Great Variation to Common Questions

  1. I think that adding “most interesting” to these questions perhaps expands the open ended nature of the questions, that’s all. I do believe you learn the most by asking open ended questions. Go for it.

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