8 Metrics Questions to Raise a Series A

Glenn Solomon has a good piece up on TechCrunch titled Series B Fundraising For Your Enterprise Startup. Now, outside the venture money centers, the title of the post if more aptly labelled for Series A fundraising than Series B, but the content and metrics are spot on. Here are the eight metrics questions that need to have solid answers to raise a Series A:

  1. What lead volumes are you driving?
  2. How much are you paying for qualified leads?
  3. What’s the cost to acquire a customer?
  4. How long is the sales cycle?
  5. What’s the average selling price of an initial deal?
  6. Do you have evidence of high customer retention and/or account expansion?
  7. How long does it take a sales person to ramp?
  8. What percent are hitting/exceeding quota?

During the seed stage and beginning part of the early stage, these metrics don’t paint the whole picture due to a lack of sufficient data. As the startup grows, and more customers are signed, these become critical metrics post product/market fit to raise a Series A.

What else? What are some other metrics questions that need solid answers to raise a Series A?

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