7 Questions Investors Ask After a Pitch

Bing Gordon, a General Partner at Kleiner, has a great post up titled How To Craft A Concise Pitch Investors Will Care About. Entrepreneurs spend a tremendous amount of time on their executive summary, but not enough time thinking through things from the investor perspective. One place to start is by thinking through questions investors will ask each other after the pitch.

From the article, here are seven questions investors ask after a pitch:

  • Do you seem like a great entrepreneur?
  • Who is the competition and how do you stack up?
  • What are your team’s assets?
  • What have you accomplished to date?
  • How well have you managed your resources?
  • How big is the market you are targeting?
  • How protected can your business be?

Entrepreneurs would do well to go through these investor questions in advance of a pitch and think through how the answers will be assessed.

What else? What are some other questions investors ask after a pitch?

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