An Entrepreneur’s Killer Instinct

One of the characteristics I look for in an entrepreneur, in addition to being an empire builder, is the killer instinct. Killer instinct, in this case, means the drive to do whatever it takes to succeed. Similar to the famous Coffee is for Closers (NSFW) scene, the entrepreneur with the killer instinct figures out how to get things done before taking a break.

Here are a few ideas on the entrepreneurial killer instinct:

Often, it takes time to figure out if an entrepreneur has the killer instinct. The best way to do this: look for lines, not dots.

What else? What are some more ideas on the killer instinct?

3 thoughts on “An Entrepreneur’s Killer Instinct

  1. The don’t have tolerance for people who just can’t get things done. They are solution seekers and want those around them to bring solutions to the table.

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