10 End of the Year To Do Items for Entrepreneurs

Jim Collins, one of my favorite business writers, has a great list of to do items for leaders. With 2016 almost upon us, it’s a great time for entrepreneurs to do these:

Here are the 10 to do items courtesy of Jim Collins:

  1. Change your next big ‘what’ question into a ‘who’ question
  2. Double your questions to statements ratio
  3. Try to embrace the Stockdale Paradox – going along in life and get knocked down, and it happens over and over again
  4. Discover your personal hedge hog and focus on it
  5. Set your vision on three components: 100 year core values, purpose that answers question who would miss you if you disappeared, 25 year BHAG
  6. Set your 20-mile march
  7. Start a stop doing list (and have no more than 3 priorities)
  8. Turn off electronic gadgets and create pockets of quietude for one day every two weeks
  9. Get a huge return on next luck event
  10. Change from striving to be successful to being useful

What else? What are some more end of the year things you like to do?

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