Ogilvy on Potential for Rapid Promotion

Katie Burke tweeted out a great list of questions from David Ogilvy in 1968 as a guide for Ogilvy & Mather managers worldwide. From the piece:

There are five characteristics which suggest to me that a person has the potential for rapid promotion:

  1. The person is ambitious.
  2. The person works harder than their peers — and enjoys it.
  3. The person has a brilliant brain — inventive and unorthodox.
  4. The person has an engaging personality.
  5. The person demonstrates respect for the creative function.

Just like in 1968, this list holds true today, especially for entrepreneurs.

What else? What would you add to the rapid promotion list?

5 thoughts on “Ogilvy on Potential for Rapid Promotion

  1. David, this list is solid. A lot of this is what I look to hire for.

    One thing I would add in today’s culture, the person must genuinely care about the team around them.

    When they are able to do that, a true leader can emerge from the rest of the group. However, they will pull others up with them.

  2. David – I enjoy all of your all of your daily blogs. Two additions to this list that I look for in high potential employees: 1 – they seek ways to get outside the comfort zone 2 – they actively seek feedback and respond to it.

  3. They focus on improving the company as opposed to their personal journey within the company. I promoted a Philosophy major into the IT department because he was always suggesting ways to improve our technology for the efficiency of the company. He was genuinely interested in improving our systems and our company.

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