Video of the Week: Cruise Automation founder Kyle Vogt

With the announcement today that GM is buying 40-person startup Cruise Automation for over $1 billion, after it launched only a few years ago in Y Combinator W14, I needed to learn more. The video of the week is an interview with Cruise founder Kyle Vogt. Enjoy!

From YouTube: What if your car could control steering, braking, and acceleration, all while staying perfectly in lane and stopping at exactly the right time, eliminating fender benders forever? And yes, we do mean YOUR car — not a futuristic, expensive one you’ll need to wait 10 years to buy. In just six months, Cruise Automation developed an add-on autopilot for your auto, and today CEO Kyle Vogt sits down with Jason to discuss its nuts and bolts, along with the charms and challenges of autonomous cars.

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