The Definitive List of Weekly Operational Metrics for SaaS Startups

Every SaaS startup should track their operational metrics on a weekly basis (not monthly). Now, in the early days it isn’t necessary to track a huge list of metrics as many aren’t meaningful. As the business grows and scales, the number of metrics to track scales as well.

Here’s the definitive list of weekly operational metrics for SaaS startups:

  • General
    • Total MRR
    • Total AOV (annualized MRR)
    • Total Clients
    • MRR / Client
    • AOV / Client
    • Revenue / Employee
  • Sales
    • New MRR
    • New ACV
    • # New Clients
    • Professional Services Sales
    • Total # AEs
    • Total # Productive AEs
    • New MRR / Productive AEs
  • Implementation
    • Active Implementations
    • Implementations Started
    • Implementations Closed
    • Total # Implementation Employees
    • Total # Productive Implementation Employees
    • Implementations / # Productive Implementation Employees
  • Support
    • Cases Submitted
    • Cases Closed
    • Net Change in Cases
    • Average Initial Response Time
    • Average Resolution Time
    • Submitted Cases / Customers
    • Total # Support Employees
    • Total # Productive Support Employees
    • Customers / Productive Support Employees
    • Submitted Cases / Productive Support Employees
  • Customer Success
    • Upgrade $ (ACV)
    • # Upgrades
    • # Lost Clients
    • Lost ACV
    • Downgrades $ (ACV)
    • # Downgrades
    • Total # Customer Success Employees
    • Total # Productive Customer Success Employees
    • Net Upgrade / Downgrade ACV
    • Customers / Productive Employees
  • Engineering
    • Bugs Opened
    • Bugs Fixed
    • Support Escalations Created
    • Support Escalations Closed
    • Story Points Completed
  • Marketing
    • # Marketing Generated MQLs
    • # Marketing Generated Opportunities
    • # Marketing Generated Customers
    • New ACV from Marketing
    • % of New ACV from Marketing
  • Finance
    • Revenue (GAAP)
    • $ Billed
    • Cash Receipts $
    • Accounts Receivables
    • Percent of A/R Overdue
  • HR / People
    • Total Current Employees
    • # of Starts
    • # of Open Positions
    • Employees by Department
    • Open Positions by Department

The fastest growing SaaS startups are well instrumented businesses. Everyone in the company should know the goals/OKRs and the corresponding metrics. Use this definitive list of weekly operational metrics for SaaS startups.

What else? What are some more metrics you’d add to the definitive list of weekly operational metrics for SaaS startups?

One thought on “The Definitive List of Weekly Operational Metrics for SaaS Startups

  1. On Engineering, Marketing and HR I guess the list is a bit too simple. In Engineering you’d like to see how the teams perform on their sprints and if the rate maintenance vs new projects is healthy. In marketing I like the actual revenue metric but as important is what is the growth rate in MQLs or better SQLs and what is the percentage of leads that are spot on potential high value customers. In HR I would like to see more focus on diversification and culture related metrics.

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