Startup Review: Teamworks

Teamworks, a sports team management and operations SaaS application, was started 10+ years ago by Duke football player Zach Maurides (disclosure: I’m a recent investor). The original problem: how to manage all aspects of 85 scholarship players on a football team. Today, Teamworks has over 850 teams from all major sports including the majority of D1 football teams.

Here are a few notes on Teamworks:

  • Vertical SaaS is a big growth market, and team sports is no different
  • SaaS takes time to build, and Teamworks is an overnight success 10 years in the making
  • Growth opportunities exist in a variety of sports markets including college, pro, semi-pro, club, and others
  • Functionality like messaging and scheduling is the core with a number of supporting modules like academics, compliance, and equipment

Teamworks is the typical SaaS success story: a product that solves a real business problem, a great customer base built slowly over time, and plenty of room to expand. Look for continued growth from Teamworks.

What else? What are some more thoughts on Teamworks?

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