The Best Sales Demos are Conversations

After mapping out the sales stages, it’s time to refine the sales demo. First Round Review has a great post up Your Product Demo Sucks Because It’s Focused on Your Product. Here are a few notes from the article:

  • Craft the demo for the audience
  • Distill the dozens of features down to the few that matter
  • Use the “You-They-You” framework where you show them what they need to get what you want
  • Write out all the common questions and answer (include them in the Sales Playbook)
  • 10% of demos are great and 10% are bad, it’s the 80% in the middle where you win or lose
  • Take at least five minutes to ask discovery questions (see Discovery Calls – A Critical Part of the Sales Process)
  • Common discovery question ideas:
    • What are they doing today that they aren’t happy about?
    • Where are their existing pain points?
    • What slows people down?
  • Have the audience envision what it will be like with the product or service
  • Get to here’s what you told me your goal is, here’s the challenge you told me is in the way, here’s what it will look like when our product takes down that challenge.
  • Always echo the tone and desire of your audience
  • Start with a macro view of the solution and then go micro (don’t overwhelm the prospect)
  • When getting into the more specific product details, connect it to what the prospect described earlier as part of the discovery
  • Leave the awkward silence in the conversation intentionally
  • Great demos are simply conversations with the product as the backdrop
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Ask a point question to magnify part of the problem
  • Ask a response question where you ask a question back after getting a question

The best sales demos are conversations. Follow these ideas and make your sales demos even better.

What else? What are some more thoughts on the idea that the best sales demos are conversations?

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