Predictive Sales and Marketing Data Sources

Continuing with yesterday’s post on Predictive Sales and Marketing Technologies, one of the areas to go deeper is the sources of data that can be used for scoring lead/contacts as well as building out the lookalike companies for targeting. One of the reasons predictive sales and marketing technologies are so good now is that number of quality data sources available is much larger than 10 years ago.

Here are a few of the predictive sales and marketing data sources:

  • Demographic – Different personas with attributes like job title are valuable when building predictive models
  • Firmographic – Characteristics of the company like size, industry, and location are key data points
  • Social – Significant amounts of publicly available information on social media include location, frequency, interests, and more
  • Technographic – Technologies implemented in a company and on their website (e.g. web server, CMS, marketing automation vendor, etc.) provide a unique profile of the business
  • Digital Behavior – Marketing automation tracks page views, email opens, ebook downloads, and every other digital fingerprint — all useful for understanding the ideal buyer

Modern data sources combined with machine learning make predictive sales and marketing possible. Look for the quality and quantity of data sources to grow making predictive technologies that much better.

What else? What are some more data sources for predictive sales and marketing technologies?

2 thoughts on “Predictive Sales and Marketing Data Sources

  1. Hi David,
    having talked with a few predictive companies, I sense News&Events signals will get incorporated into predictive technologies in 2017. Signals such as new partnerships or executive shifts signify major business changes and should be acknowledged for in predictive models.

    Another data source, already used by bigger players, is Intent data (Bombora).


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