Continuous Learning

In the software development field there’s a concept called continuous deployment which describes a process such that when code is checked into the main code repository, a series of tests are run, and if they all pass, the code is deployed to production immediately. Imagine changing the position of a button on a web application locally and seeing that change in production for thousands of users to use 10 minutes later. That’s continuous deployment.

Now, take the idea of continuous deployment and apply it to the entrepreneurial journey in the learning context. Continuous learning is creating a personal process to learn new things on a regular basis and apply them when applicable. With so many great books, blogs, and articles available combined with different mediums like print, screen, and audio, there are a number of ways to develop a habit of continuous learning. Start with a simple RSS reader or subscribe to receive new blog posts via email. Learn more, faster.

Entrepreneurs need to develop a process for continuous learning and improvement. It’s one of the best investments available.

What else? What are some more thoughts on continuous learning?

4 thoughts on “Continuous Learning

  1. Hey David,
    You’re right there are a zillion blogs, books, online courses, etc. I’m curious if you’ve found a good platform for managing all of this, and tracking a person’s continuous learning similar to how Fitbit tracks physical activity.


  2. Hi David, I love this idea. Our company is a new learning platform focused on continuous learning. Would love to chat about how we could support the Tech Village community with a learning platform. NOT a sales pitch – would be happy to offer at no cost. Just moved back to ATL from NYC and want to be more involved supporting the Atlanta startup scene. Could be a cool way to foster continuous learning for your members. If you’d like to chat shoot me an email. Cheers, John

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