Daily Active Users in B2B SaaS

Continuing with assessing product/market fit, one of my favorite metrics is daily active users (DAUs). Now, DAUs are more commonly associated with B2C products like Twitter and Facebook, but they’re directly applicable to B2B SaaS products as well.

Why are they so important for B2B SaaS? The best indicator of success for most SaaS products is the fact that the customer continually uses the application. In most applications, this is signing in and using the platform. In a limited number of applications, this is using the API programmatically on a regular basis (e.g. integrating it into another application or workflow). Regardless, product usage equals product value. And, product value is a key element of product market fit.

Entrepreneurs should monitor their daily active users and understand the correlation between product usage and startup success.

What else? What are some more thoughts on daily active users in B2B SaaS?

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