Find the Fastest Growing Markets

When a potential entrepreneur says they’re seeking startup ideas, I like to ask a few questions regarding areas of interest and domain expertise. Then, after going through the importance of customer discovery and getting feedback during the product building process, I offer up my favorite piece of advice: find the fastest growing markets.

Ideally, the market is small and fast growing with the potential to be massive — those are the best. Big companies ignore them because they aren’t worthwhile now but by the time the size is meaningful, it’s too late to get in. This is the perfect spot for entrepreneurs to build large companies.

Looking for fast growing markets? Start with the 2017 Internet Trends (also, look at The best Meeker 2017 Internet Trends slides and what they mean). Timing is the most important startup consideration, so find the fastest growing markets as the starting point.

What else? What are some more thoughts on finding the fastest growing markets?

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