5 Strong Core Values from Godard Abel

Godard Abel, co-founder of G2 Crowd, published an excellent blog post earlier today titled Home Again With My Entrepreneurial Family. After selling his last company Steelbrick to Salesforce.com, he rejoined G2 Crowd. In the post, he highlighted their five core values, referring to them as “mantras”:

  • Work with joy
  • Learn quickly and continuously
  • Buyers come first
  • Slap and tickle
  • Live at the peak

Entrepreneurs should define their core values and ensure they’re deeply integrated throughout the company. These five core values are a great starting point.

What else? What are some more example core values that you like?

3 thoughts on “5 Strong Core Values from Godard Abel

  1. Great values: translated to Dutch:

    – Werk met plezier
    – Leer snel en doorlopend
    – De klant is koning
    – Het kan altijd beter (Klap en Kietel)
    – Haal alles uit het leven

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