Founding Team 3H: Hustler, Hacker, and Hipster

Continuing with the idea of Team, Stream, and Not a Meme, it’s clear that it all starts with team. No matter how disruptive a trend or product that’s 10x better, without a strong team it’s going to be difficult to build a great company. Only, what’s the ideal founding team? Enter the hustler, hacker, and hipster.

  • Hustler – The consummate sales person that’s always pitching a new opportunity. Think about that guy or gal that’s selling candy at a markup in elementary school because there was demand and they couldn’t help but fill it.
  • Hacker – The builder that loves creating new products, for fun and for profit. This person is constantly tinkering and whips up a new prototype in 24 hours with ease.
  • Hipster – The user experience expert that wants to delight the customer through every product and company interaction. Every detail has to be authentic and true to the brand.

The hustler is typically the leader (CEO) save for the occasional hacker or hipster that comes up with the initial idea and brings it to life. Someone has to make the key decisions, and it’s critical that one of the founders be in charge.

Entrepreneurs would do well to be intentional about their founding team, and look for complementary skill sets like that of the hustler, hacker, and hipster.

What else? What some more thoughts on the founding team 3H of hustler, hacker, and hipster?

3 thoughts on “Founding Team 3H: Hustler, Hacker, and Hipster

  1. Hi David, great post. Totally agree with the three Hs.To add another note on the Hipster role: Many people take this for granted but great design/experience is so critical in 2018 (thanks to Apple and virtually all customer-centric companies raising the bar!). Merely a technology solution is not sufficient. It has to be frictionless UX wise and delightful UI wise.

  2. Great Post! David

    Hustler = Head or CEO: Chief Everything Officer
    Hipster = Heart or CBO: Chief Branding Officer
    Hacker = Hand or CTO: Chief Technology Officer

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