5 Traits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Yesterday I was reflecting on some of the most successful SaaS entrepreneurs I’ve had the chance to work with – Rigor, SalesLoft, Terminus, Calendly, Teamworks – and what they had in common.

Immediately, five traits came to mind:

  • Big chip on their shoulder – All of these entrepreneurs had a prior startup that failed – every single one. Now, there was something to prove.
  • Unwavering belief they’re going to make it work – With a high locus of control (very rare!), these entrepreneurs truly believe they can control their outcomes.
  • Irrational tenacity – Hard work and effort are critical, especially in conjunction with the overall belief that success is possible (too many people believe they’ll be successful without putting in the requisite work).
  • Extreme resourcefulness – Begging people for help, figuring out how to do something at 1/10th the normal cost, and constantly moving things forward with limited resources are part of the formula.
  • Continuous desire to learn – Regularly asking for help, reading books/articles, and sharing experiences (EO, YPO) come naturally to these entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is terribly difficult. The most successful entrepreneurs I know have an innate quality where they just know they’re going to make it work, no matter how hard it gets.

What else? What are some more traits of the most successful entrepreneurs?

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