The Relentlessly Resourceful Entrepreneur

Earlier this week I was meeting with a successful entrepreneur that’s constantly getting things done. Every time I talk to him he’s moved the startup forward in a meaningful way and refined his thinking.

Normally, when I meet with a successful entrepreneur, they fall into one of two buckets: sales-oriented or product-oriented. Sales-oriented entrepreneurs are always selling something, even if it doesn’t exist yet (sell in advance of the roadmap). Product-oriented entrepreneurs are usually heads-down building the best product possible, often to the exclusion of other important activities (need to be paired up with a growth-oriented entrepreneur). Yet, this entrepreneur I met with didn’t fall into either bucket: he wasn’t focused on selling and he wasn’t focused on the product.

This entrepreneur falls into a unique bucket: relentlessly resourceful. Resourceful, defined as “having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties” sums it up perfectly. Entrepreneurship is about moving fast (quick) and constantly solving problems (overcome difficulties). Also known as cockroaches of the corporate world, these entrepreneurs just keep moving and don’t die.

Signs of a relentlessly resourceful entrepreneur:

  • Check-ins – Never afraid to ask for help, they also check-in on a periodic basis and come prepared with a specific question or idea for feedback. Every conversation you walk away believing that they’re going to take the feedback to heart and make something happen.
  • Updates – Proactive updates via email are sent several times per year in a thoughtful and valuable format. These entrepreneurs value relationships and seek to keep their network current and up-to-date on progress.
  • Recruiting – People are attracted to the entrepreneur and get pulled into help, even if there are limited resources or compensation. And, they consistently find new people that can help the mission, even if that person isn’t needed immediately.
  • Progress – Finally, the startup is always growing, winning new customers, earning industry accolades, and making great progress. Momentum is strong and it’s clearly a winner.

Relentlessly resourceful entrepreneurs epitomize the entrepreneurial spirit and continuously move their business forward. Look for these entrepreneurs in the community and work to help them achieve even greater levels of success.

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