No Regrets Selling the Business

Entrepreneurs love asking me the question, “Do you regret selling Pardot?”

Pardot, as part of, has done incredibly well ($250M+ in annual revenue!).

SaaS is much more valuable and established compared to when we sold the business.

Private equity is eagerly buying SaaS companies and often outbidding strategic acquirers.

So, if everything has exceeded expectations, are there any regrets?

No. None.

Adam and I made the best decision we could with all the information we had at the time.

Selling Pardot put it in the hands of a well capitalized public company that had a greater chance of realizing the product’s huge potential. Today, Pardot is one of the most widely used B2B marketing products in the world.

Selling Pardot chalked up a ‘win’ for us as entrepreneurs.

Selling Pardot enabled the Atlanta Tech Village to happen.

Selling Pardot enabled me to invest in dozens of startups and pay it forward.

It could have turned out differently.

But it didn’t.

Selling the business was a deeply personal decision and we made the right call.

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