The Double Sale

Earlier this week I was talking to a successful software rep about what it was like selling the three different products he’s represented in his career. When discussing his current role, he said something that stuck with me: now, I don’t have to make the double sale.

So, what’s the double sale? The double sale is when you have to first sell the prospect on why they even need your product, and then the second sale is your actual product.

Double sales are required when it’s early in a market and there’s a lack of market awareness. This is the good double sale, assuming it’s not too early — with time, the double sale will go away in favor of a regular, single sale.

Double sales are also required for nice-to-have products that people don’t need but might purchase if there’s a strong sales person. These are the double sales to watch out for as startups can be built selling a vitamin, but selling pain-killers is much more valuable and capital efficient.

Pay attention to the sales process and recognize the potential for a double sale, and more importantly, whether or not the double sale is for a good reason. Work towards a future where a double sale isn’t required to achieve greater success.

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