Podcasts on Startups and Entrepreneurship

Two years ago, after all the buzz around podcasts, I jumped on the bandwagon and have really enjoyed the content and experience. Like any medium with no marginal cost and a potentially infinite audience (hello blogs!), there’s been an explosion of podcasts of varying quality. After snacking on a number of different ones, here are my favorites:

  • Naval – Thoughtful. Intellectual. I really enjoy Naval’s thinking. It’s more general philosophy around life and business, and less startup specific, although readily applicable.
  • Twenty Minute VC – Crisp. Fast paced. Harry has interviewed thousands of people in the VC and tech entrepreneurship world. Highly recommended.
    Bonus: Harry also runs the excellent SaaStr podcast.
  • Y Combinator – Extensive. Deep. YC’s content is excellent, covering a number of different topics.
  • EntreLeadership – Broad. High quality. EntreLeadership has a number of well-known guests sharing their entrepreneurial journeys.

For me, podcasts have slotted in nicely when I want something interesting in the background to ponder while driving, walking, etc. If you haven’t tried a podcast or two, I’d highly recommend it.

What else? What are some other favorites around startups and entrepreneurship?

6 thoughts on “Podcasts on Startups and Entrepreneurship

  1. Good recs. Some additions:
    • ETL Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – Great. Good topic variety. High hit rate.
    • How to Start a Startup from Stanford/Y-Combinator.
    • Masters of Scale – Focus on scaling up. Ignore some of the annoying production transitions.
    • Greymatter podcast from Greylock, a16z podcast from Andersen Horowitz – Not always applicable for early startups or entrepreneurs, but some topics are great.
    • Invest like the Best – Not startup focused, but I’ve found these topics to be very applicable, even if they’re technically focused on the world of professional investing.
    • Various different podcasts from Intercom and Drift. Mostly saas relevant. Each company has 3 or 4 series. Seeking Wisdom from Drift, and Inside Intercom are the most consistently good.

    Some others that I’ve sampled and enjoyed, although with few data points:
    • Seth Godin’s Startup School
    • Talks at Google
    • Village Venture Stories
    • Rework from Basecampe
    • The Arena from Kauffman Fellows
    • Founders Talk from Changelog
    • HBR Ideacast

  2. Gimlet Media’s Startup is a fun one. I’ll also admit freely that Tim Ferris has some amazing entrepreneurs on regularly. How I Built This is also a must subscribe. Masters of Scale is great but oh so heavily bent on raising venture that it borders on advertising — but great stories and production value. The A16z podcast is good too.

    The only other one I am looking forward to is the Atlanta Ventures one that doesn’t exist! Yet!

  3. How about the CoFounders and Start-up Podcast, this episode included a LIVE audience with a panel featuring Sangram Vajre CoFounder of Terminus and Author of Account Based Marketing, Cassius Butts, Former Regional Administrator – U.S. Small Business Administration, Jim Beach, Founder and Host of the School for Startups Radio Show, and J Cornelius Founder and CEO / Nine Labs

  4. 1) Nathan Lakta’s “The Top” podcast. Has a metrics-based approach to understanding how a given SaaS business works. Also a quick show / very little filler

    2) The Full Ratchet by Nick Moran. Interesting guests, covers a wide spectrum in terms of operating, funding, broader market views

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