Entrepreneurs Should Pick a High Growth City

Last week I was reflecting on different contributors to entrepreneurial success. Topics like luck, timing, hard work, and persistence come to mind. Only, for me, picking a high growth city like Atlanta has been one of the most important decisions I’ve made as an entrepreneur.

High growth cities, by their very definition, are attracting people. As an entrepreneur, it’s all about recruiting and retaining amazing people to join in the journey (distributed teams are easier to recruit but are harder to work together). Great people are drawn to cities with opportunity and growth.

One of the big challenges recruiting people to cities that aren’t the pre-eminent hub in their industry is the worry that if the gig doesn’t work out, there won’t be other comparable opportunities. Who wants to move to a new city, realize their new job wasn’t right, and not have similar jobs available? High growth cities represent more jobs, more opportunities.

High growth cities also represent a changing environment. New construction, new restaurants, new experiences — all part of growth. There’s an energy and excitement being part of something on the rise, city or otherwise. People gravitate to what’s winning.

Entrepreneurs should pick a high growth city — a city that attracts people, a city with opportunities, a city that’s changing. The entrepreneurial journey is incredibly difficult and a growing city makes it slightly easier.

One thought on “Entrepreneurs Should Pick a High Growth City

  1. Curious how you think about this with respect to companies increasingly moving towards remote. It’s kind of abstract but how might one quantify how San Francisco compares to Atlanta compares to Raleigh-Durham? And as remote increasingly becomes the norm, how do these values change in, say, 10 years?

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