Rise of the Startup Studios

Last week I read about the new Share Ventures startup studio and realized we might be at a tipping point for this newish type of venture. Startup studio is the modern name for what was called an incubator back in the dot-com days. Thankfully, the tech infrastructure and scale of Internet users make startup studios more viable now, 20 years later.

For startup studios, the big idea is to have a core team help create and grow multiple companies at the same time using shared resources and expertise.

I’ve followed startup studios for years and have personally been doing a form of it for 13 years now (see Atlanta Ventures). Today, the largest and most well-known in the SaaS world is High Alpha out of Indianapolis. High Alpha has already launched dozens of companies and has built a tremendous team.

Locally, I’m excited to see more entrepreneurs launch startup studios. Here are two of the newest:

Rule 1 Ventures – Founded by serial entrepreneur Todd Erlich (FactorCloud, Kill Cliff, Triserv), Rule 1 focuses on B2B SaaS, an area of local strength. Todd and his team have a background in SaaS, FinTech, and consumer. Look for a number of new startups to emerge from Rule 1.

Outlander Labs – Founded by Leura and Paige Craig, Outlander Labs positions their firm as an investing incubator with a hands-on program. Leura and Paige have long startup backgrounds with investments in over 100 startups. Look for a broad range of startups to emerge from Outlander Labs.

My prediction: startup studios are going to be even more prevalent as it costs next to nothing to test ideas and entrepreneurs realize more at-bats will increase their chance of homeruns.

Startup studios are an excellent advancement in the startup world and will have a major impact over the next 10 years.

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