Complexity of Startup Messaging

Last week, during two separate conversations with entrepreneurs, it was offered up that their startup’s messaging was too complicated. Tons of jargon, buzzwords, and technobabble were attempting to drive home a particular feature set and positioning. Only, it was doing the opposite.

More complexity is a failure to distill messaging down to its essence.

More complexity is a crutch for not taking the time to present what really matters.

More complexity is the easy way to avoid being uncomfortably narrow.

In school, we’re told to do assignments where you have to write 1,000 words. Volume of words is a primary driver of the output. More words is conferred as more value. In business, it’s easy to fall into that trap.

In lieu of more words, the focus needs to be more clarity. More thought over more verbosity. More crispness over more jargony.

The next time you describe your product, competitive position in the market, or value add, reduce the complexity of the verbiage. Increase the understandability. Make it clear.

One thought on “Complexity of Startup Messaging

  1. Funny you bring this up. Our SaaS marketing team leader and I often talked about the need to reward the shortest, clearest writers.

    Copy writers are most successful when they realize they have no time.

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