Plugging Into a New Startup Community

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to talk to several new entrepreneurs and technologists that have moved to Atlanta as part of a wave of people seeking a better quality of life. The size of this migration has even surprised me. In a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article the author cites the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that Atlanta leads the nation in IT job growth — up an astounding 7.5% year-over-year.

Here are a few ideas for plugging into a new startup community.


While meeting up in real life is currently limited, online meetups are still thriving. Check out Meetup’s site and join a group or two.

Angels and VCs

Entrepreneurial activity is near all-time highs as major societal change creates tremendous opportunity. And, thankfully, the amount of investment activity is keeping pace. Reach out to local angels and venture capitalists and introduce yourself. Many of these individuals are in the business of meeting people and making connections.

Attorneys, Accountants, Service Providers

Behind the scenes of every startup community are attorneys, accountants, and other service providers that provide much needed legal, financial, and other specialized work. As a bonus, there’s often a few rainmakers that absolutely love meeting new people. Find these rainmakers.

Colleges and Universities

Every college and university has an entrepreneur club. Seek it out. Find out what’s going on and get involved.


Of course, the heart of every startup community is the entrepreneurs themselves. Look for entrepreneurs that are active in the community putting on programs, blogging about concepts, and tweeting ideas.


Plugging into a new startup community is a great way to make new friends, pay it forward, and be a part of something bigger. While the world is more remote than ever, it’s great to be local as well.

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