MVP Tree as a Critical Entrepreneur Starting Point

Shawn Carolan has a post up on Steve Blank’s blog titled A Path to a Minimum Viable Product and it is easily the most insightful piece for entrepreneurs starting out that I’ve read this year. With all the excellent literature out there about Customer Discovery and Minimum Viable Product (MVP), there’s not enough how-to around zeroing in on the best opportunities and not falling prey to chasing too many opportunities.

From the article, here are the eight steps:

  1. Define Your Big Mission in a Simple Statement
  2. Customer Archetypes
  3. Jobs to Be Done
  4. Execution Branches
  5. Scope Out Your Candidate MVPs
  6. Evaluate Your Candidate MVPs
  7. Pick, Beta, Ship
  8. Double-Down

Go read A Path to a Minimum Viable Product and share it with every entrepreneur you know that is searching for product/market fit.

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