When the Direction Doesn’t Feel Right, Get the Team Together

Last week I got together for a multi-hour strategic session with a great entrepreneur and his team. We’d been talking about a specific, important item for a couple months and the general direction was clear but a critical piece of it didn’t feel right.

As a team, we worked hard to define what we stand for, what we will, and won’t do, and some of our goals for the next 5-7 years. We asked important questions like the following:

Why do we exist?

What is our #1 goal?

What have we learned so far?

What do we need to learn next?

After we went up a couple levels and worked on the most strategic questions, when we finally came back down to the 2022 plan, we were able to ask better questions. From here, we were able to articulate what was needed. And, thankfully, we were able to ask the hard questions about why a current piece didn’t feel right, and find a better solution.

When the current direction doesn’t feel right, get the team together. Go as strategic as possible, frame the discussion, ask the hard questions, and find a better solution.

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