Build a Startup Ecosystem Guide

One of the areas I’ve been passionate about for years is building startup ecosystems. Entrepreneurship is a force for good and strong ecosystems help increase the chance and rate of success. Startup Atlanta just released The Atlanta Startup Ecosystem Guide and it’s excellent.

After going through the guide, it’s clear every startup ecosystem should have one of these as a central repository of resources. Of course, making it available as web pages, or a community managed Wiki, would be better than a PDF, but a PDF is a fine starting point. Using the Atlanta guide, here’s an outline of the contents for others to use:

  • Overview
    • Find out what’s happening in the community
    • Make an impact
    • Build your network
    • Show me the money!
    • Find a place to work
    • Get a job
  • Media and News
    • Read
    • Listen and watch
  • Places
    • Membership
    • Co-working
    • Co-living
  • Groups and events
    • Organizations
    • Networking
    • Annual and ongoing
  • Education and career resources
    • Training
    • University programs
    • Job boards
  • Programs
    • Accelerators
    • Additional programs
    • Incubators
    • Mid-market growth
  • Funding and capital
    • Angel
    • Non-traditional
    • City and state
    • Venture capital
  • Innovation centers
    • Sub-markets
    • Metro

Congrats to the team at Startup Atlanta for publishing the excellent guide. Every startup ecosystem should consider putting out something similar to help strengthen their community.

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