What’s your one liner?

I was talking to two young entrepreneurs last Monday at Startup Riot (thanks Sanjay) about their stealth company. After asking tons of questions, I was finally able to distill it down and come up with a simple one liner. Fortunately, I read as many technology and entrepreneur blogs as I can (via Google Reader, of course) and had lots of example companies to choose from when coming up with the one liner.

Why is it so difficult?

Well, often times it is technology based, and sophisticated at that, so it is difficult to explain in layman’s terms. I recommend coming up with two one liners: one for technologists and one for your grandmother. Here are the one liners for one of my products:

  • Technologists: B2B Ning.com with CMS
  • Grandmother: Tools to allow people to communicate on a website and update webpages

What are your one liners?

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