Thoughts on the Employee Hiring Process

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately doing interviews and hiring new people, as we’re experiencing significant growth in both of our product lines. Here are some quick thoughts:

  • Come up with simple bullet points of the types of characteristics you look for in the person and include those in the actual job posting (e.g. good natured, professional, self-starting, etc. are what we look for)
  • Identify some easy ways to filter resumes (e.g. in-bound emails from addresses and those without a full paragraph or two in the email message itself are immediately deleted, without even looking at the resume due to not being tech savvy enough as well as not interested enough)
  • Do phone interviews first, followed-up by in-person interviews, and include the Top Grading techniques if it is a manager position or requires several years of experience

Good luck!

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