Interviewing Entry-Level Candidates

We’re always trying to get better with our interview process. Interviewing is particularly challenging for entry-level candidates where there’s a lack of experience to draw from. In addition to our written and technical exercises, we like to do the following for entry-level positions:

  • Ask extensive personal questions like who influenced them the most outside of their parents, how many siblings they have and what was their environment like growing up, did they play sports or music, etc.
  • Present a career path, if possible, to give them an idea of how they can grow in our company
  • Schedule interviews with as many company team members as possible, with the simple message that if any interviewer says no, the candidate is removed from consideration

Our success rate to date is about 80%. We’re working hard to continual get better, and the goal is to get over 90%. Finding entry-level candidates that will succeed in your company is hard. Good luck!

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