Hiring Inside Sales Reps

Last week I looked for my first crowdsourced answer to a question by posting to my network on LinkedIn. This was the first time I’d asked a question, and I must admit I was surprised by the variety and quality of the responses. It isn’t that I didn’t think that my network would have good responses, but rather that very few people would respond. I had many more responses than expected. Here were some of the consistent themes to the question “What are some recommendations for finding good inside sales reps”:

  • Hire a “Sales and Marketing Assistant” that does all of the coordinating work with prospects so that current sales people can spend more time on serious leads
  • Use a staffing firm that specializes in sales reps as well as uses TopGrading to evaluate candidates
  • Use job boards from local colleges and universities focused on management majors and general business majors
I wanted to say thanks to everyone that responded.

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